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Author : Yang Ya Chu

Last year. I met Shih Yung-chun when gathering with friends. For my impression of Shih Yung-chun, although I have not known him long.he is straightforward, easygoing, and fun artist who just wants to be himself. He gets along with others well. When talking to Shih Yung-chun, you can find his free, wandering,and unlimited lifestyle and thought and that brings unknown adventures to his life. He does not force himself to follow the systems and he always feel at ease at all encounters.When he feel pressured and burdened, he will pack himself for a new journey. He know how to relax and free his mind and this is critical for us who have received various types of pressure in modern life, especially for art creators. Doing that can allows us to receive more stimulation and impacts psychologically. After graduating from Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan University of Arts, Shih Yung-chun unlike the young artists who are devoted to continuous creation and active participation in exhibitions.put more emphasis on "life." He believes the most important thing is the physical and psychological balance and happiness and that will further inspire art creation. After graduation, Shih Yung-chun in the past six years was isolated with creation; at that time, he could not find the meaning of creation. But after the long time to set the mind at ease, Shih Yung-chun picked up the drive of creation and knew clearly about the balance of personal life and creation.

In terms of the creation of Shih Yung-chun , since 2009, the creation series included "Demonstration Life." "Daily System," "Reading Habit," "Private House Life Project" to this year's "Zakka" and there is unchanged context: the origin of creation from the extension of daily life. These may be trivial things in life, interaction of surrounding people, and past memories. Shih Yung-chun's "Zakka" extends the previous creation method and is composed of daily articles in his creation. His "punctum", personal perspective, and emotional involvement and interpretation are included in each piece of artwork that looks like a photo taken every day. His creation impresses everyone more. I think this is because of the actively outgoing personality of Shih Yung-chun that gives humorous elements to some artworks such as "Coffee and Cup Holder" and "Cake Box." The French Bulldog "Do Do" that always appear in his painting also shows the interesting scenes that he lives with dog such as in "Workbench," "Old Closet and New Room," "Refrigerator-Library." "Dog in Clothing," "Piles of Books," and " Soap and Dog." These artworks give resonance to those who have pets at home. Pet owners will smile and think of the good time they have with their pets. Additionally, Shih Yung-chun is passionate with antique objects and toys and this can be also seen in his creation. In addition to old furniture used in the daily life. his valuable collection of small toys are presented in "Toys of the Armrest of Chair," "Animal Chess," and "Toys in the Kitchen" with individual passion and fun.

Shih Yung-chun's painting technique gives the feeling of time freeze regardless of the subject in motion or at still. In the "Zakka", he showed different techniques. Unlike before, he did not begin the work on the canvas but arranged the scene via real-time planning during photographing. Then he interpreted the scene through painting with hands. Photography became the essential mean during creation process this time and it helped to precisely present the composition of the photos. Furthermore, the calm grey color, torn texture, and pure painting touch are incorporated in this series that is presented more practically than the past and gives more strong feeling about "freezing." The painting is neither boring nor complicated but it catches your eye. You cannot help but stand long in front of the artworks for the details of every single corner. His work entitled "A Display Window of Old Department Store" is the best example.

In September, 2013, ten years later after Shih Yung-chun graduated from Western Arts Group of Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan University of Arts, he will have his personal exhibition of "Zakka" at Piaopiao Gallery, Taiwan that features brand new creation of him starting from the end of last year. Although last year in Beijing, he exhibited a large amount of artworks in his journey of creation, this time at his hometown, Taiwan, the individual exhibition is held with special emotions and meanings. It is another important milestone for him to return to the journey of art creation. I would like to wish the success of the individual exhibition of Shih Yung-chun and look forward to the new inspirations that he will give to use in his future journey of creation with his courage and adventurous spirit.

雜貨鋪.X-麻將|Zakka.X - Majiang|2013|53x45.5cm|Acrylic on canvas.jpg
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