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A Couple of: The Dual-machanism of the New Generation of Asian Artists

The theme of this exhibition, A Couple of, could be taken as an abstract clue that elicits the creating mechanism of young generation of Asian artists. Just like 1 and 0 in the world of programming – infinite possibilities are generated based on completely individualized subject consciousness, and there are different ways out for different original backgrounds and identities. Therefore, each individual ends up with one-of-a-kind approach to art practice. Moreover, Their commonality lies in the fact that they are able to face the art world lightly, without unnecessary burdens and scruples regarding the history of identity, the history of the medium, the history of images and the history of concepts.While each of them is in a coordinate system, they may not communicate directly with each other in the multi-threaded coordinate matrix, but they are interdependent and closely linked in the interconnected medium of space and time. At the same time, A Couple of attempts to present the unique background and context of individuals through each artist's pair or group of works.

Just as each cell is the carrier of the complete genome of a living organism, the oeuvre of each artist can be viewed as a miniature that either implicitly or explicitly reveals the full range of an artist's possibilities. They can either put two complementary pieces together to form a conceptual and visual whole, or reveal the intertextuality between two parts of a single piece; they are able to reinforce and advance the works of one series in the visual language, or to establish a deep commonality between works that differ in visual expression.

As the artists have different dialogic relationships formed between works or components of a work, the creative logic that underlies each is captured and recorded in the space as a visual code.

Yu Fei

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