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Family Handcraft

If nothing unexpected happens, every day my dog will get up right before I do. The beginning of her new day, is also the beginning of my new day. Of course, first I will get her breakfast ready, after all, that's why she wakes me up so urgently. Then, when we both finish our breakfast separately, she will choose to play with her toy, or go back to sleep. As for me, I probably have to take time to make a plan for my next working procedure, they are nothing more than: pouring a large cup of water, sorting out my palette, squeezing the paints, choosing the painting brushes which will be used today. And after putting the ashtray in the distance, I stand in front of the canvas to figure where I want to draw. My studio is my home, I live in the upstairs of the studio, where a staircase divides it into two kinds of lifestyles, I also have a private working rules, working before sunset, and getting off work after sunset.I am always very punctual, the only item I lack is a punch machine.

And all the daily objects, in the residence which combines living and working functions, are carrying out a fixed process in the working space in the first floor. Sometimes they are given another new use, sometimes their original functions and appearance undergo some changes. Then, they are often taken everywhere to take photos in the second floor of this two-story building which combines living space and small foundry, usually it's demonstrated by me and my dog, or by friends who happen to visit.

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