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Soap Opera

Here is how it start...

"Maybe there could be a different way to prepare breakfast."

One day in the morning when I woke up. This idea just came into my head.


All my  works have tried to tell one thing :

How can I make my daily routine life any different?

Every time when I think of this, my ideas started to grow like a snowball.

Therefore, I started to record all the trivial details of my daily life gradually.

Such as, "what if I drink with a funnel when u drink."

My records tell dull stories but also some imagination.

Of course, all records are from my own life.

When I follow the numbers of my works and read, it is like that I am experiencing what I have to experienced before again.

I usually saw some parts of life were out of order.

I expected myself to be like an actress who can experience various different roles that I've never played before.

My life was far away beyond a normal person's and was amazingly diverse.

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