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To Martian Anthropologists - Home Theater

The exhibition To Martian Anthropologists invokes the imaginary future scenes from In the Name of Art by the Belgic art critic, Thierry de Duve, and invites the artists to leave, both in cyberspace and in the physical venue, all kinds of clues for the martian anthropologists who might land on Earth someday to launch a field research on the human civilizations. For the artists, web pages will be the specific site where the artworks actually take place, and the physical venue serves as an extended interface and an index of deployment echoing remotely the online artworks.

Mainly engaged in painting, sculpture, installation, photography and writing, the artist explores private experiences in daily life and human behaviors as the major axis. A photographing technique of films and dramas as a preparatory process is employed in most of his works. In recent years, he has published his creation in project-based performances.

In the online work Home Theater, the household landscape is transformed into a mysterious house. With a door gap slightly open, the viewer can enter and explore the household objects, with which the work is connected. In the physical venue, based on the movable walls in the original exhibition venue, the dismantled wooden frame of the house has developed into a verge separating the internal and external spaces at the boundary of the venue.

Curator - Chang Chun Yi

- - -

Mysteriously formed with subtlety, the household "landscape" has never been justified, except for the purposes of both utility and decoration, and for personal tastes of arrangement, inexplicable and difficult to categorize. Recently, "household isolation" or "gathering ban" has become common to all. We stay longer at home and, all of a sudden, the daily objects are getting closer to us. In Home Theater, the relationship or correspondence between daily objects and human beings has been changed. Several snapshots of the daily are connected out of a matter of course: in the closet, on the sofa, in the refrigerator, on the corner of the stairs to the second floor. Avoiding outdoor contacts, we inadvertently shorten the distance inside the private residence. The quotidian tininess, thus magnified at this moment, is right in front of our eyes, within reach.

Shih Yung Chun's online showroom - LINK

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