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ART021 Shanghai - Toy Packaging

The "Toy Packaging" series is Shih's latest series of work. We can see Shih’s meticulous creation process where he creates each scene in his studio, using his own ceramic sculptures as props and even packaging them as if they were toys sold in stores. The works on view showcase Shih's creative process, in which he makes the "prop" for his set-up scene and then further creates painting and video work. In this series, the same object appears in different forms, such as the work "Obstacle Training" appearing in painting, video, and sculptural work forms, creating a dynamic and fictional world that resurrects static historical photos into surreal and dramatic visual scenarios.


Shih Yung-Chun is not just an artist, but also the director of his own artistic movie. During a period in 2018-2019 when he was unable to work for long periods due to a leg injury, he wrote a novel that was inspired by his daily life, similar to his art. The novel blends reality with imagination, where fact and fiction coexist. Shih Yung-Chun is skilled at blending surreal elements with reality in his artwork, by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and the familiar into the unfamiliar, taking us on a journey between his fictional and realistic worlds.


Shih Yung-Chun often uses everyday objects and events that he encounters in his daily life as inspiration for his artwork. By using these mundane elements in unexpected and imaginative ways, he creates visually stunning scenes that blur the lines between reality and imagination. The resulting artwork invites the viewer to question their perception of reality and encourages them to explore their own creativity by seeing the world around them in a new light.

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