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Delicate Antique Shop Project

The artist collects material from life for his artistic practice, with his personal taste acting as the anchor of his eyesight that he would cast to various corners of his life. During his collection of artistic material, he’d sometimes dig deep into a predetermined theme like an ambitious archaeologist, and sometimes also return with surprising, unexpected treasure from a pleasant journey like an unrestrained and romantic explorer. The collecting of massive data is a must before every art project of his. And the material collected as mentioned above actually refers to concrete real-life objects such as toys, dolls, pot plants and furniture. In a film-directing way, Shih Yung-Chun designs the characters and positions of these second-hand objects and works them into various absurd scenarios of stories with open endings.

After 2012, he started complicating the composition of his work, abandoning the surreal form of splicing, and organizing ready-made objects, cubical works and physical space into various absurd, surreal and yet substantial scenes by means of mise en scène like making a film. Then after a phase of photo shooting, he would go on to paint from the scenes. So this stage of his art has ushered in his refocusing on representational subject matter in his new series. His realist approach to the compositional perspective and content of a painting blurs the true/false boundary of the subject and the spatial background, placing the work in a grey area between readable and unreadable, which stimulates and challenges the audience visually in different ways, shattering the ambiguous divide between surrealism and realism.

Chang Sheng Kun​

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