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Landscape and Depth

Landscape and Depth at KICHE, curated by the Chinese curator Xia Yanguo, features artworks by 5 artists from different countries, Rudy Cremonini, Lucas Kaiser, Lee Dong Hyuk , Amba Sayal-Bennett, Shih Yung Chun.

The exhibition, based on the two concepts of landscape and depth, refers to Cezanne for the reflection of how reality and art are related, how artists avail themselves of art to reveal what is often neglected in life, as well as how art goes beyond duality so as to reach the depth.

The five artists featured at this exhibition, at different depth, respond to issues on different levels in our social reality. Major or minor, these issues matter when we face them and free ourselves of prejudice and restart thinking. In Lucas’s works, from daily life and old fairy tales generate distorted and uncanny surreal landscape, indefinable new space; the strangeness in Rudy’s works shows how reality reveals itself while vanishing gradually, with images popping into our view like instinct hovering over the paintings; each of Amba’s works constitutes a self-contained entity of multiplicity with the resistance in terms of language in a seemingly quasi-mechanical order; Shih Yung Chun’s works build stubborn realistic landscape in which quotidian items regain freedom by the loss of their function, so a new order is born in everyday relation when material returns to itself and man is no longer attached to the so-called humanness. In Lee Dong Hyuk's recent works, he tries to deconstruct the existing textual language, and through his calm paintings, he takes us into the scene beyond the language, where multiple time and space appear because of the different perspectives. From an epistemological point of view, it is only by entering that "pre-reality" that we can open the door to the real, where every part has its own significance, and in order to do so, we must first look at the behavior and manner of faith with a skeptical eye.

Xia Yan Guo

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