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This latest solo exhibition of Shih Yung Chun held in Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Beiling), suggestive of both "migration" and "farewell" as I see it, is, on the one hand, related to his own novel Pre-Construction. In half-seclusion, he made all these works, put up all the spatial installations and photographed in a single cabin on the mountain where his life was led.


Shih Yung Chun constructed the private yet fecund cabin into a self-contained and autonomous territory of his own, which, as in its later artistic metaphors, embodies an individual's concern for the future and social anxiety of rather broad significance. In this sense, the novel is not merely a parallel script to the exhibition but more a collection of the artist's predictions and presets about the fates of both his own and the world in the future based on his personal experience. 


On the other hand, the artist had his studio in Taipei wrapped with wood boards and translated it over to the exhibition space in Hive Beijing in a method like mold casting, so that a true and false private space of his is revealed to the audience, and, while interconnected with the novel in a mutually justifying fashion, places all these works of his into the narrative space of the script and the real personal experience of the artist.

Yang Jian

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