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I don't know my exact birth time. It might've been sometime around noon, but I also heard it was at dusk. It's nothing significant, just that whenever my friends are discussing their rising signs, I can never accurately calculate mine. I ended up picking the time that I liked most, which was more practical than going to the household registration office to confirm my actual birth time.

In a well-packaged world, human behavior becomes hard to judge-it is difficult to tell true from false. Even the environment can be artificial. It doesn't matter that we pretend as a likable character, as long as it corresponds to who we seem to be or who we want others to perceive us to be. The only truths are the most private personal details: name, age, gender, height, body measurements, shoe size, eye color-just like a resume. Every day, when we face other people, we go through a series of auditions.There are certain personalities required for each role, so we try our best to get casted.

If there is an "Ideal Life Criteria," things would be much easier. We can practice our daily routines by its guidelines and execute actions to please its standards. True and false aren't included in the criteria. In fact, no one really cares. Eventually, it is the ideal lives that deviate from the truth that will become the mainstream. So, until you are satisfied, you'll have to continue to pretend. After all, even the original truths can be easily changed: your eye color has long changed from the one you were born with, and even your gender can change according to your own preferences. "Truth" now seems trivial.

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