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For most of time, we feel attracted by trivial moments in daily life. They are fascinating for various reasons. They may remind you the distant and vague past or some surprising moments. They catch your eye and make you feel you shall preserve them or they become waste because they disappear so easily. If we think carefully, we will find different attributes of space in between from getting up to start our day: the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Oh, yes. I also have a backyard. Inside the space, there are articles for daily use and are they good looking? At least, the owner place them "on the right spot" and they definitely look neat and tidy.

Later, to place them "on the right spot" became boring and I began to write them some stories. I also take a role in the stories and strangely, I entertain myself with some interesting scenes that is seen in the movie. I am not sure whether these articles still look good but they now may have more value with more practical or decorative functions. I think this is worthy.

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