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I’m fascinated by the various subtle aspects of human behaviour in daily life, such as looking for the wrong yarn in a sweater, where the abruptness is not easy to notice. However, once you perceive it, you can no longer ignore its existence.
I work in a wide range of mediums across photography, installation, sculpture, video, and painting to create a body of work that conveys the chaos of daily behaviours.
I first wrote a script for each behaviour I chose to explore, after which I established the role of who could perform the behaviour. I then placed him/her into my staged scene for photo shooting, a process that involved sculptures, installations, and costumes. Finally, I documented the deliberate scene through painting and a demonstration of a particular behaviour. This demonstration is akin to a toy set with everything inside, and what I provide in the final image is just one of the plausible ways to use it, though it is not the only correct answer.

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