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Saatchi gallery Art Start

A well-worn sofa will serve as reminder of our vanished memories through the way in which cracks, dirt, and stains can be hold such sentimental value. The artist conceptualized the show as being like a second-hand book. Through all the physical markings left by the previous owner one can come to feel the emotions and imagine the memories had by the original owner which have since vanished.  

Shih Yung Chun happened upon the exhibition’s sofa seven years ago, abandoned on a street corner. The artist brought it back to his studio and used it, never repairing it, until it was completely broken. Once it was unusable, Shih began to tear apart the couch and repurpose the materials, the back could be a soccer net, the birds sculpture points to aim at. he turn the leather become the frame, and the stuff cotton could be shaped into sheep.


Shih Yung-Chun conceals his fanciful interpretations in the vagueness of the most trivial things appearing in his works, setting up irrational plots we often overlook in real life. From his unique perspectives, Shih Yung Chun expresses “life” in various quirky and grotesque ways. “Painting” is his exit for fleeing from reality.

Chang Sheng Kun

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